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Please answer the following questions in a separate document (i.e., Microsoft Word, PDF).  The response for each question should range from a few sentences to no more than a paragraph.  

  • Why are you interested in the Women’s Emerging Leaders Program? 
  • What are your personal and professional goals? 
  • What is the greatest goal/challenge you face in developing your leadership skills over the next 3-5 years? 

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Please provide a letter from your Executive Director.

On your organization’s letterhead verifying your position with the organization and his/her support for your participation in the program.

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Program Requirements. There are two distinct parts of the Women’s Emerging Leaders program (WEL) and participants must commit to fully attending both. The first part is a mandatory intensive Leadership Essentials for Women workshop and the second part is the Nonprofit Essentials Program, which involves ten skill-building classes jointly offered by HandsOn NWNC and Wake Forest University’s Office of Civic and Community Engagement.  These half-day classes meet in the afternoon each month, beginning in September.  Due to COVID-19, classes through 2021 will be held online unless otherwise notified. 

Evaluations/Assessments. Program participants will be required to complete an evaluation at the end of the Leadership Essentials for Women workshop and develop a personal Leadership Action Plan. Participants must also participate in a 6 month and 1 year overall assessment.  The purpose of the assessments is to determine if the program has helped to strengthen the participant’s leadership skills/capacity and follow up with progress on the Leadership Action Plan. The participant’s supervisor/Executive Director will further be required to complete an initial assessment of the participant prior to the workshop.